Privacy Policy

  1. Warranty

All products offered by Collection Bagus Inc. are guaranteed against defects and flaws in workmanship for a period of one (1) year after purchase. The resetting of fallen stones and pearls that are provided with a piece of jewelry presenting a manufacturing defect will be free of charge for a period of one (1) year after purchase. Lost stones, pearls and other jewel parts are not covered by this warrantee. Damages such as normal wear and tear, scratches, deformation and breakage are not covered by this warrantee. The customer must pay the shipping charges for the return of a defective product. Before returning a product, please contact us to obtain confirmation of covered damages. The customer must provide proof of purchase with the defective piece of jewelry. Return shipping costs of a repaired jewelry item will be paid by Collection Bagus Inc. up to a maximum amount of 15.00 CAD.

  1. Payment Method and Currency Used

The payment of a piece of jewelry will be collected by Collection Bagus Inc., through Collection Bagus Inc. on our website. The currency used for all transactions is stated in Canadian dollars. Any other currency is shown only to give the approximate equivalent cost of a jewelry item after conversion to the currency indicated. For currencies other than Canadian dollars, the final amount charged by the customer’s credit card institution will slightly vary according to the conversion rates used by this institution.

  1. Sizes of jewelry

To minimize risks of unnecessary errors and delays, the customer must provide the exact size when placing an order. We therefore recommend customers have the size verified by a qualified jeweler.

  1. Manufacturing and Delivery Times

The estimated delivery time of an order can vary from two (2) days to four (4) weeks, depending on the availability of a jewelry item at the time of the order, the manufacturing time required for the model chosen and the delivery time required by the carrier. For more details on the delivery time of a jewelry item, please contact us and indicate the model number, the size and the desired delivery date and location.

  1. Cost and Methods of Delivery

Delivery will be made by Poste Canada service or DHL. Delivery charges will be 15.00 CAD for Canada and continental USA. For most other countries, including Alaska and Hawaii, delivery costs will be 60.00 CAD. Should the delivery to a destination outside the USA and Canada exceed 60.00 CAD, you will be informed prior to delivery. You may then choose to pay the difference or to cancel the order.

  1. Taxes and Customs Charges

All applicable taxes for deliveries in Canada will be indicated on the invoice. All taxes, applicable charges and brokerage fees for importing goods which may be enforced by a government, carrier, customs broker or any other country will be charged to the customer and paid by the latter to these institutions.

  1. Maintenance of Jewelry

14 K gold requires little maintenance. A simple cleaning with a soft cloth could suffice. However, silver is a metal which tarnishes naturally and must be polished from time to time with a cloth specially designed to deoxidize silver. Some liquids are also used to clean silver. These types of products can usually be found in jewelry stores. Pearls should be wiped only with a slightly wet cloth. Do not immerse pearls in cleaning products or water. Avoid contact with perfumes or other cosmetic products which could damage the pearls.

  1. Returns and Exchanges

Exchanges will not be accepted more than 10 days after delivery of a jewelry item to the customer. Customers wishing to exchange their jewelry in less than 10 days after delivery must make a request to this effect, and the jewelry item must be like new and free of any signs of deterioration. Prior to sending their jewelry to Collection Bagus Inc., customers must submit their request contact us. They must also include a copy of their invoice, the reason for returning the item and their contact information to avoid the refusal of their parcel. For approved returns, the customer must pay all shipping and insurance costs and take complete responsibility for the to-and-from transport of the jewelry item. Customers outside of Canada must provide the carrier with all the information and necessary documents clearly indicating the reason for the return (i.e. exchange of merchandise or repair) in order to avoid the imposition of import taxes, fees and brokerage charge payments on Bagus Jewelry. Should Collection Bagus Inc., be asked to pay any such fees, the receipt of the parcel will be refused.

  1. Refunds

No refunds will be granted by Collection Bagus Inc. Should the customer find the delivered jewelry item not suitable, he may opt for an exchange. See “Returns and Exchanges”.

  1. Privacy Policy

The customer information needed for payments and collected on this Web site will be used only for the purposes requested by the customer. This information will only be given to PayPal and/or Stripe in order to process the payment as requested by the customer. No other use of this information will be authorized by Collection Bagus Inc., This information will be secured by Commodo SSL while stored on the Web site of Bagus Jewelry. This section outlines our protocol regarding the collection and use of information you provide to us

  • We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal data of our customers in our electronic environment. Collection Bagus Inc., does not disclose to third party’s confidential information on its customers (name, address, telephone and fax numbers or email address).
  • The information you entrust to us is valuable and is intended solely for our use. In all circumstances they shall be treated so as to maintain confidentiality. Under no circumstances will we accept to sell or exchange the data collected through this website.
  • Likewise, we will never accept or will not make the steps in order to obtain personal information about you, unless you choose to provide us with your own information. The information we ask you for the sole purpose of helping us get to know you; we use them to tailor the content of our site to the profile of our customers. We ensure that we always serve you better.
  • Your email address will only be used to contact you with information about special offers and new items shown on our website. It will not be disclosed to anyone else (organization, business, or other). We will make the collection of other information about you through other electronic means, such as the address of the website from which you linked to our website and your browser type. We use this information to adapt our website to your interests and preferences.
  • Technology called cookies is widely used on the Internet. It is harmless and can under no circumstances pass on a computer virus to your computer.
  1. Reserved Rights

All rights associated with the use of all items included on this Web site are reserved to Collection Bagus Inc., It is strictly forbidden and punishable by government laws to use, copy or reproduce in total or in part any of the jewelry designs, photos, texts and any other documents found on this Web site.

  1. Photos

The photos shown on this Web site were taken by a professional photographer under studio lighting conditions and touched up on a computer. The colors of the jewelry bought by the customer may therefore differ from those shown in the photos.

  1. Tibetain Pearls

The Bagus Jewelry Company is proud to offer the most beautiful Tibetan pearls. Each year, the Company travels to Tibet to buy them directly on location. The Tibetan pearls used are generally graded A (sometimes B) and of varied colors with natural tones of grey, green, auberge, silver, anthracite, blue and other magnificent hues. As there are rarely two Tibetan pearls of the same shade, the color of the pearl in the piece of jewelry bought by the customer will most times differ from that shown in the photo on this Web site.

  1. Precious Stones

All the diamonds Jules Perrier uses for his jewelry are graded VS with a color-code G and are of very good cut and even better. All other precious stones are chosen for their rich yet variable color.

  1. Errors

Despite the greatest care given to details on this Web site, some errors may have been made Collection Bagus Inc., shall not be held responsible for any errors with regard to prices or other details. In case of errors, Collection Bagus Inc. may either correct the error with the customer or cancel the customer’s order.

  1. Product Improvements

Some jewelry items may slightly differ from their photos as Bagus Jewelry. constantly modifies and enhances its products with a view of perfecting them.